Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Dance, Snow and a Free SVG

Been scrapbooking again today. Almost 1/2 way thru DD's Freshman year! Woot!
The first page is her first Homecoming Dance and her brother's last one. The background of the pictures is a label from Jen the Crazy Scrapbooker. The girls are from Brittney's SVGs. I already forgot which font I used for Homecoming Dance. LOL
The 2nd page is from December 1st 2006. We got 18 inches of snow & of course my dear husband was out of town. Our drive seemed so long that year. The background of the 2 small pictures is from a make & take a LOOOOONG time ago at a Stampin Up party by my wonderful demonstrator Barb Fehr. The words are Pooh Font Marker Shadow. I needed a shovel to finish off my page so I'd thought I would share with ya'll. Click here.
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Friday, January 29, 2010

Title Page

Here is one of the pages I did today. It is the title page for Summer 2006. It is a scrapbook with 4 or 5 summers in it.
I used Everyday Paper Dolls, a palm tree from Cecil Badlands, title is from SVG Cuts. The frame is made from the shapes library in SCAL 2. Thought bubbles I believe. I've been doing summer title pages all day. A good thing to do when it's only 15 degrees outside.

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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Graduation Invitation

So My dear daughter will be graduating this spring provided she passes the state constitution test tomorrow. LOL
Anyway I was really inspired when I did her brother's invites in 2007 and she wanted something just as "spectacular" for hers. Since Christmas I have been struggling with what to do for her invites. Nothing was ringing mine or her bell. Anyway amazing Penny Duncan posted a couple of cut files today on her website. Thank you Penny!!!!!! And I was finally inspired! The Poem is leftover from my son's, but DD wanted it too. The other cuts are from SVG Cuts Graduation cards.
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Buzzing By

Just a birthday card for a friend. Borrowed SU's Just Buzzin' By set a while back and hadn't used what I'd stamped. Love how it came out. Amazingly I'm getting some stuff done. We are puppy sitting for some friends. Wow I don't miss puppy days. My cat is beside herself & my dog isn't far behind. They really don't like all the yapping and the puppy keeps biting my dog on the butt. No bonus points for him. Frosty is settling down and starting to figure a few things out and that is helping.
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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Mother's BD & a few layouts

I got a call from my Mother yesterday saying she got her birthday card so I can put it up on the blog now. The background came from Monica again. The phone is my friend's stamp that I embossed and cut out. Yesterday was my girl's day at Hollie's. I was on a roll and got 10 pages done. Yippee. Here are 2 of my favorites. The first page was fun because we had such a time that day. Our dog was determined she was going to school with our daughter too. If you've ever met a Corgi, you know that they are very stubborn. The letters are from the Cuttin' up cart. The 2nd layout is too, but the swing set is from Notes from a Scrapbook Lady. Her blog is gone. :( I don't know where she is but hope she is doing OK. Her cuts are awesome. The picture is from Thanksgiving 2006. A few days later we had 18 inches of snow. LOL

I'm spinning my wheels today. My stomach's really not happy. Hope I haven't picked anything up. Gonna be dog sitting for a few days. Should be interesting.
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Monday, January 25, 2010

A Couple for Cards for A Couple

The first card is for a guy who just had his knee replaced. I realized I've got lots of card for sick people but not hurt. The card shape is from Wanda. She's been putting out lots of cool stuff. The crutches are from Everyday Paper Dolls. Gotta work on that. The 2nd card for for his wife who is one of my friend's from Tuesday stamp day. I used a card from Mamaw's Legacy store. Love that store. The butterflies are also from Everyday Paper Doll.
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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Birthday Card for my Brother

Here is the fun Brithday card I put together for my birthday. He's got 3 young boys so I'm sure the card will be a hit with them as well. The cuts came from a SVG Cuts file I got a wee bit back. The cake is from Everyday PaperDoll Cart.
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Special Anniversary

This card was for a very special couple named Jean & Bob who celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on Friday. The border I cut using a file from Monica's Hobby. If you haven't been to her site, you have really missed out on very some amazing cuts.
The birds in the middle is from another amazing artist, Paulo.
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Sample of my Scrapbooking

Some of the scrapbooking I've gotten done at Hollie's this year. Hopefully with my new art space I'll get a lot more done. The first page is just a fun way to show her schedule. The picture is from a surprise birthday party that had a MASH theme. The second page I used the letters from Life is a Beach cart. The 3rd page she was trying to get a close up of that squirrel but it kept chasing her. It was a LOL moment. The 4th page I used a cut from Scrapping Table.
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And the Husbandof the Year Is..........

My Hubby for his amazing wonderful gift of SPACE!!! After watching me spend a day in my corner of the office trying to work on several projects, he decided that I needed a whole room for my art. Isn't he so sweet. So we moved the DVD library to the basement, his computer to the spare bedroom, and cleaned out other various items and spread my 3 tables, out into the room. I found 4 extra little shelves from the DVD shelves we weren't using. I hung them under the existing shelves. It was so wonderful yesterday to work on several projects and let one thing dry while I worked on something else, and organize something while I cut on the cricut. Life is good. Click on the Picture to see more pictures of the Art Room

My Art Room

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Snow Day

My Daughter had a snow day today. Helped my DH shovel the drive this morning and asked him when we were almost done how he was gonna get in the church parking lot. He kinda wished I would have asked that at the beginning of the drive. Hopefully the wind won't completely unto our work. Spent a fun day playing Wii, Super Mario with my daughter. How thoughtful for UPS to deliver it before the storm. dancing Watched an old TV show & then a bollywood movie. Snow days are fun! Wonder if we'll have one tomorrow? How much will the 5 1/2 inches of snow blow tonight? Hmmm....thinking

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Brr... It's Cold Outisde

So I decided that it was finally time for my Cricut to get it's own bling! The flourishes are from Mamaw's Legacy. Her work is simply amazing. The font I used was Ballpark. I also worked on my Daughter's scrapbook. Got quite a few pages done. Scrapped our last day with our exchange daughter. Ahh. I miss her.

We had a wedding a few weeks ago in Missouri & there is a reception here tomorrow. I found this file at Forever Memories for You's Paperthread store. I had fun making it. Need to figure out how to put it in an envelope.

I'm ready for my house to get back to normal, but not ready to change out the decorations yet. The floor is sticky in a few spots, but I figured that I should wait til everyone heads back to school & work.
The temps outside got to 4 degrees today but I was in the warmest warm of the house enjoying the sound of the cricut and the smell of paper! :)
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Friday, January 1, 2010

New updates for Sure-Cuts-A-Lot! Yippee! I haven't tried them all yet. I played around but having cut anything using yet. Sure could have used the Auto fill a little while ago, but so glad it's here before I do Wedding and Graduation Invitations!! The points are copied from Heather M's Blog where I got the heads up. Hit the SCAL Badge on the right of my blog to get to Craft Edge's website.

  1. Break Apart. This works for both fonts and svg files.
  2. Alignment tools added, both horizontal and vertical.
  3. Autofill through the Copy/Paste menu.
  4. New view option. You can choose to see just the outlines, or you can have the outlines with a semi-transparent fill.
  5. Selection has been improved. You can now select images that are within the bounding box of a larger image.
By the by I got to scrapbook today! Woot! It's been way too long. Got 4 pages done and made my new file inserts for my new carts. Happy New Year ya'll