Saturday, May 30, 2009

Cricut Cartridge Storage

So I got this idea from my Friend Hollie and I just love it. It's just a photo box. I used the Mini folder from Mirkwood Designs with the help of SCAL.
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A Butterfly fold card

Here is a Butterfly Fold card that I really always like, but it was a pain in the butt to cut out. Painfully no more, I cut it out of SCAL. You can find the template for this card at this website
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The last 2 posters for Parenting Series

Here are the last 2 posters I made for my husband's Parenting series. The When Children Stray one is for June the 7th, but I am having a dental procedure early next week and hopefully camping at the end of the week and a wedding and small groups. I decided I better go ahead and get it done. I used the font Blue Type on Discipling and Whutever on the Children stray one. I've also discover the font Blueberry which works really well for SCAL.
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Blake's card for Cassie

Here is the card that my son made for his sister. I really like the whole idea. Maybe with neater handwriting? Anyway he makes really cool cards.
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Card by Allie

This is the Card that Allie our exchange daughter from Korea made for my daughter's birthday. We are all big Stargate fans and she wanted to do something along that line. I think it turned out great. The picture of Cassie is from Super Hero day during Spirit Week her freshman year. She was Storm and I turned her blue for a VBS poster.

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Speak Friend and Enter

I've been wanting to do this for a little while and finally got it done.
This is Ancient Elvish from the Lord of the Rings.
If you are not familiar with it, 1) are you crazy & 2) the Fellowship of the Ring is trying to get the door open to a Dwarf city. Gandalf the wizard thinks it is a riddle and is trying to figure it out. Speak friend and enter. He is trying to guess all kinds of possible passwords. Frodo the Hobbit asks him what the word for Friend is in Elvish and when he replies the door opens.
This is what folks will see when the walk into our side door (the one everyone comes to) & I'm hoping to hear friend spoken quite a bit. My 20 year old son has a group of friends over today and they think it is wicked cool. :)

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Cassie is turning 17 tomorrow!

So my baby girl is turning 17 tomorrow. Wow that went really fast. I always get a little sentemental around her birthday because we were told for her first 2 years of life that she wouldn't live past 2. God has blessed us with 17 years and we are looking ahead. She is my runner and so when I found this photo online I just had to try and turn it into a SCAL cut.

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Monday, May 25, 2009


So my husband is doing a series of sermons at church on parenting and wanted some posters and decorations for the sanctuary. I used vinyl for the wall ones. The walls are textured and they are staying up well. Of course after the 1st week the painters that were suppose to paint the sanctuary 5 months ago decided to come and I had to take it down. Thank goodness for the transfer tape. We were able to take it down and store it in his office until Saturday and it went back up just beautifully. The Parent's Priority was his first week sermon and the Unchanging Principles of Parenting were the 2nd week's. We've got 2 more weeks.

If you want to listen to his sermons, you can on line.

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Graduation Bags

Here are some pictures of the Graduation bags that I made for graduation goodies. I used the shopping bag template that I've had for years from Donavan
I thought they came out real well. I only had problems with one. It was Galen's and it just kept coming apart. It was a great day for the parties and Congrats to all.

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

How Geeky Are You?

How Much of A Geek are you?
Do you see Dr. McCoy, Kirk & Spock on the Transporter Pad?

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Learning to use SCAL

So I've been playing around with SCAL and Inkscape and trying to learn a few things. Here is the card I made for my nephew Craig who turned 16 on Sunday. I took a picture of a spock toy and turned it into a SVG file.