Monday, May 25, 2009


So my husband is doing a series of sermons at church on parenting and wanted some posters and decorations for the sanctuary. I used vinyl for the wall ones. The walls are textured and they are staying up well. Of course after the 1st week the painters that were suppose to paint the sanctuary 5 months ago decided to come and I had to take it down. Thank goodness for the transfer tape. We were able to take it down and store it in his office until Saturday and it went back up just beautifully. The Parent's Priority was his first week sermon and the Unchanging Principles of Parenting were the 2nd week's. We've got 2 more weeks.

If you want to listen to his sermons, you can on line.

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ShellyRaeWood said...

I meant to tell you how great that looked on Sunday!! I keep working on my hubby. I think he's weakening!! :::Smiles:::