Friday, July 31, 2009

Cricut Security!!!
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Banangrams (July 09 # 32)

Happy Dance!!! I went over the number of days for July!! Woot! Hopefully I'll get a few more done today, but I have some vinyl to cut for our church's 150th Anniversary celebration.
Anyway Banangrams was discovered by our family through the after school tutoring program our church started last fall. We had some much fun with the kids that we gave it as Christmas presents to everyone last December.
Our cat, Miss Darcy loves to get involved with this game. The little tiles are just so temping for her. I scanned the game bag and printed it out. The bunch of bananas I don't know where I got it. If it's your, please let me know so I can give you proper credit. :( Sorry
The small banana came from Stacy's Free SVG's. The font is Blueberry!
Still doing the Happy Dance.
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Hoop Jam (July 09 # 31)

The yearly dance in February at the high school. It a casually dance. My daughter didn't take her camera so all I had was the one picture at home. Still really like how the the page turned out anyway. The Hoop is from Sport's Mania. Jam was done in SCAL with a fun font called Horseshoes and Lemonade. The Dance border and other sticker was a gift from Holllie. The Music Notes are another Mardenz file.
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Criminger Christmas (July 09 # 29 & # 30)

Tried a few things on these pages. The one frame is from Wildcard page 16? and the other frames are from Mamaw's Legacy Deco 09 Frame Inside and Out. The smaller frames I cut down and layer over each other to make them fit on the page better. The little poodle is from Denise's Scrapbooking Room. I gave my sister-n-law a sweatshirt with her Princess Poodle Rosie on it. The Other page font is Fishbowl.
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Christmas 1996 (July 09 # 28)

Cassie's letter to Santa Claus and a Christmas card she got from that year. Pooh Font for my title.
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Deck the Halls (July 09 # 26 & # 27

Isn't the little Monopoly Guy so cute? He is available from Mardenz.
The Family time font is from Wild Card and the Deck the Halls is Pooh Font.
Christmas cards to my daughter on the left and one she made for me on the right.
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Big Sale This Weekend

Mary from Mamaw's Legacy is having a big sale on her cut files. She makes beautiful elegant card files. To go to her blog click here.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Challenge Update

So I've got 3 more pages done and 2 in the works. I've got until tomorrow to get them finished. I'll try and get pictures taken and posted later tonight. My daughter has a pre season Cross Country race tonight. This year is her Senior year and we really hoping she will have a great season. Her legs all pretty tired from detasseling all day. Supper before or after is my biggest question and will my photos upload to Walmart in time to order before we leave. My cat finally convinced me to take off the end of our kitchen baseboard heater. Three toy mice stuck in it so I've spent a great deal of the day throwing them for her to fetch. Yes I said fetch. She loves it. The dog on the other hand thinks its should be 2 way game.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Christmas 2008 (July 09 # 24 & # 25)

Just a couple of simple layouts. The gold ribbon is leftover from making Wisemen crowns a few years ago. I don't remember what font that I used. Sorry.
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Ohh! Cool Toys (July 09 #23)

I need to spend some time and plan some pages. I finished my daughter's sophomore scrapbook and have part of her Junior year done. I've got to get some pictures printed to boot. So Tuesday at Hollie's House of Hugs, I grabbed a tote with some pages from 1997 in them. The medical supplies are Lora's from Notes from a Scrapbooking Lady and I made the GameBoy. Yeah Me! Sometime I need to figure out how to put the files up to share. Sorry I'm not there yet. I'd love to here ideas on how to do it. Hint, hint, wink, wink.
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Well I thought that I would get some stuff uploaded at the hospital on Thursday, but my firewall wouldn't let me use the Internet at the hospital. My Dad had some complications and we had a wedding and a going away party this weekend to boot. Today has been he first time I've had a chance to post anything.
This cut file for the card is from Paper, Scissors, Ink. The flowers and leaves are from Mamaw's Legacy. I love the way this card came out.
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The Art & Musings

So my friend Shellly ask that we give her a shout out on our blogs. She is celebrating her 1 year anniversary of her blog. Check it out as she will be giving away goodies

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sure Cuts A Lot 2

I'm in heaven. The updates are awesome. I had some problems at first, but then decided to uninstall no. 1 (have a back up) and restart my computer. It's working beautifully now. I was a little frustrated at first with text at first until ****Major Tip! You have to ungroup your text box to move the letters individually. Ahh! what a relief to figure that out. If you don't have Sure Cuts A Lot or the orginal, it's something you want to get. Just click on the icon on the right. Happy Cutting.

Friday, July 17, 2009

More Cricut Toys Coming Soon

Top - Everyday Paper Dolls Bottom - From My Kitchen

Top - Stamping Solutions Bottom -A Child's Year

Design Studio has all these added in a Font Update Which you can find here.
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New Cartridges for the Cricut

This one is called Picturesque.
Top - Sweethearts Bottom -Winter Woodland
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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Christmas Eve (July 09 #21 & #22)

The gingerbread men are from SVG Cuts. The words are Mickey Mouse Club.
The borders on both pages is a frame and the cut out from Wild Card.

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Ho, Ho, Ho (July 09 #19 & #20)

I said something about cleaning the art room but decided that I should finish the pile I was working on so I don't lose any pieces.
The Penguin is a freebie from Debbie (Thanks, Deb!) The cut outs are from Christmas Cheer. Orginally I had cut the present for the sleeping Paul picture, but he didn't fit so a reused it hear. Hate to waste anything.
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Sleeping Paul (July 09 #18)

I think everyone in my family took a couple of shots of my brother that day. He was so tired. 3 boys 5, 4, & 2 1/2 so who wouldn't be tired. The package is from Pooh and Friends and the Font is cut in Scal and is called Christmas Card. Shocker!
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Pretty in Pink (July 09 #16 & # 17)

These 2 pages are not dim (Leah's word), but then again teenage girls love all the bright stuff. The first page was from the pack the place pink night at the Boy's basketball game. I used Blueberry font again with SCAL and the basketball are from the Sport's Mania Cart. The 2nd page is pictures the girls took after the game at our house. They were is super goofy moods and had a ball. Be Yourself is from Graphically Speaking and Girls is from the new Hannah Montana Cart. Don't dis the Hannah cart if you aren't a fan of hers. This cart is so cool. Very cool fonts and the most beautiful butterflies and birds. I need to pick up my art room a little before I do anymore pages. It has passed Chaos on the Richter scale of Messes. Where I had a tooth pulled, is giving me problems so we'll see what I can or can't do today.
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The White Stuff (July 09 #15

This winter was quite the snowy one and the girls had fun with the camera.
The snowflake is from Mamaw's Legacy and the word box is from the cart Graphically Speaking.
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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Clayton's Birthday Card 09

Here is the card I mailed for my nephew's 6th birthday. Of course I made him another one for his party. Anyway I used My Community, Sesame Street Friends and Christmas Cheer for this card. Oops I guess I also used Mickey Mosue Font. for it too.
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Snow Pages (July 09 # 13 & #14)

Our first snow last winter was November 31st and it just kept snowing the rest of the winter. We made this monster snowman starting in the back of our yard and us girls thought we would never get it to the front. We named her Gertie. The frame(1) & Words(2) I made using a file from Mamaw's Legacy. I used Inkscape and Sure Cuts A Lot to create the frame. The letters on the first page is a great font for cutting called Blueberry.
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