Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Pretty in Pink (July 09 #16 & # 17)

These 2 pages are not dim (Leah's word), but then again teenage girls love all the bright stuff. The first page was from the pack the place pink night at the Boy's basketball game. I used Blueberry font again with SCAL and the basketball are from the Sport's Mania Cart. The 2nd page is pictures the girls took after the game at our house. They were is super goofy moods and had a ball. Be Yourself is from Graphically Speaking and Girls is from the new Hannah Montana Cart. Don't dis the Hannah cart if you aren't a fan of hers. This cart is so cool. Very cool fonts and the most beautiful butterflies and birds. I need to pick up my art room a little before I do anymore pages. It has passed Chaos on the Richter scale of Messes. Where I had a tooth pulled, is giving me problems so we'll see what I can or can't do today.
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