Sunday, July 1, 2012

Heat Rash

So we have young man in church who is a fencer, and his birthday is the week. I really didn't plan to do a fencing card for him, but while flipping through my Paper Doll Dress Up
Book I hit upon this idea.
I used my cricut markers to draw the castle onto the card and then used another marker to highlight it. I would have liked to have made a nicer background and maybe printed off the words. But I had just pulled an all niter at a youth lock in the night before and was getting pretty sleepy. I did play around with Merlin's beard to make it look like Noah's.
Sorry about the glare on the Dragon. I had lost my natural light and had to use the flash.
I hope you all are staying cool. It sounds like the heat will continue for at least the next week


Kathy said...

These are so cute...Great idea..

Anonymous said...

Love this card! from debbie