Sunday, August 1, 2010


So today I decided to finally finish etching my kitchen glasses. The Daisy and Welcome ones I did back last fall? (3 & 4 on the bottom row) For Chris - This was NOT a quick project. In fact it took all afternoon. The etching doesn't really show up on the glasses unless you are holding them so they look pretty uniform on the table. Nicely though you can tell which glass is yours hopefully. Anyone like a glass of ice tea?
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Kathy W said...


These are beautiful...wish we lived closer together..we could have a lot of fun cricuting together... :)


Diann said...

They look fantastic, Tammy! I'm not sure I understand how you did this! Diann

Craftingfuntime said...

Tammy your glasses turned out super

bcriminger said...

I call the bird one next time we visit-it's my fav!

JustYolie said...

Great job! I etched 4 blue wine glasses for my sister & forgot to take a picture but they came out great! She saved a bundle...she was looking to purchase the wine glasses at a univesity bookstore, you know the ones that say "University Grandma" etc. Well they didn't carry them so I asked her to buy the glasses & I would etch them. She paid $3 per glass plus a small bottle of etching cream... can't go wrong.