Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Cling Stamp Storage

I love the new Stampin Up DVD sized storage boxes. I finally got some more yesterday. Here is a picture of what I did
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Jodi said...

Great storage! I love these cases too!! They are a wonderful fit in the cabinet.
Jodi =)

Wendy said...

Woo hoo its letting me leave a comment, The blue on the card below is lovely.
As for my scrap booking pages I am using serifs digital scrapbook artist.
I love it , its so easy to use, just need to click a few buttons.
Loads of videos on you tube, and you can get a free mini version to try it out from here
I had version one for years then we were aloud to upgrade at a good price when version two came out.
Wow is it so much better, so many things that can be done in the new version.
i use it for most things even my card inserts.
just look on you tube for scrapbook artist.
well i have gone on a bit, as you can tell I love this software.
chat on the forum soon

JustYolie said...

Nicely organized! :)