Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Lupus is winning

I had plenty of time to play yesterday in my Art Room aka "The Tammy Cave". (Sorry joke from the SuperBowl) But alas I finally had to cry Uncle to Lupus. Yesterday was probably one of the worst days for pain that I've had in several years. I finally got a little relief in the early evening and played with my copics and printed off some card sayings in Print Shop. Today is Tuesdays at Hollie's but I'm not sure if 1.) I'm up to it or 2.) if the weather will let us get there. One the plus side I'm really thankful that yesterday is no longer a normal day but a rarity. Thank you Mayo Clinic.


JustYolie said...

Tammy, my Mom and 2 of my sisters have Lupus. My Mom hasn't had a flare up in awhile, but because of the meds she takes, the doc can't control her high blood pressure. It's tough seeing them in pain, especially in cold weather. My Mom always says the best thing is to KEEP MOVING, she's 75 and she's one TOUGH COOKIE!

Evelyn said...

Hi Tammy I am so sorry you had a bad day. I did too one day last week I stood frozen in bed til 11 I just could not move. I wanna cry for you sweety!! As a matter a fact I do have a tear in my eye for you cuz I know your pain it is awful.. Let's be happy..Lets be positive..And "Girlfriend" lets Play!!!

Jodi said...

Oh no, I do hope that you will start to feel better and back to yourself again. Take care and keep nice and warm.
Jodi =)