Thursday, February 17, 2011

New Job

So a friend who has been without work for quite a while just got a new job this week. This is the card that I made him. I don't know what the stamp company is but isn't he great!
The inside of the card goes:

Heard you are losing
full recliner privileges.
Congrats on the new Job!

Anyway the funny thing is when I gave it to him at Gear Up, he saw the guy in the recliner and said, "Man I'm gonna miss my chair."

I thought it was hilarious!
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bcriminger said...


Alicia said...

Oh Tammy, what a PERFECT card!! That is so funny- I love it! *Hugs*

JustYolie said...


Jolene said...

What a neat card..and for your friend to recognize how much he use to sit in his chair is priceless!

Diann said...

This really is priceless...would make a good MasterCard commercial!