Thursday, May 6, 2010

Eww and you've got to be kidding me!

So Monday we found that Spring Clean Up for our town would be Wendesday. Lots of notice huh? Anyway I started cleaning the basement and found a couple of place of mold EWWWWW! What a mess anyway. The basement has had most of my attention this week. Just finished painting the walls and tomorrow I'm going to start working on some of the trim and hopefully start to put a few things back.
On the other hand yesterday, I got a real treat. I got to play a $78,000 Steinway Grand Piano. Woot was that ever cool.
Needless to say the Art Cave is feeling pretty neglected this week. But wanted to share a care I made for a few a couple of weeks ago. The lovely lady on the inside of the card is from The Quilling Place. She got a good laugh from it.

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Penny Duncan Creations said...

LOL.....TOOOOOOO cute!!!! I bet that was a huge hit!!!!!!

JustYolie said...

LOL That's hilarious!! Thanks for sharing the card! {smiles}