Saturday, December 19, 2009

Pirate PJ's

I made Pirate PJ's for my brother's 3 boys. They have a pirate bedroom. I used the cricut to cut out the ships on fabric and the letters on the legs of their pants. There is also a sash with a some letter of their first name. Ben the Bold, Eli the Elegant and Clayton the Courageous. I just love how they came out. I have an adult pirate outfit pattern and thought it had children's sizes too. Wrong!! So I adapted a couple patterns from when my son was little. (Forever ago). Can' wait til the open them.
I've got everyone done except my son's fiancee's present. It's almost done. Then to wrap it and one other present. Whew! it all got done.
PS the Ship is from My World Cart and the Lollipop is from Scrapping Table's Fall Theme set.
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Carol's Crafts said...

AHHHHHHHHHHHH those pj's are so cute. They
are going to love them. You are such a nice

Penny Duncan Creations said...

Those are awesome!!!! He'll never want to take them off!!!!! GREAT job!!!!