Friday, August 14, 2009

Day at Debbie's

My friend Debbie had a swarm at her house today. I went with high hopes of finishing Cassie's Junior year and this summer's pages done. Well..... I got through Prom which was the beginning of May. I spent about 3 hours on a 2 page spread with the Alice in Wonderland cuts from Mardenz. I really like how the pages came out though. The rest popped out pretty fast after that. I love, Love LOVE the Prom pages. I had been so frustrated that I couldn't find red fancy paper for them, then wound up using some green paper instead. Wow it really makes the black and white jump out. Anyway I got 13 pages done so I'm pretty happy and very tired. I'll try and get a few posted tomorrow.

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ShellyRaeWood said...

sound slike fun!! WIsh I could have been there!! Can't wait to see!! :::smiles:::